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Own Your Website

We offer you a professional website with an affordable price plan. We equip business owners with a website they can own and manage internally the moment a change is needed. We won’t hold your website hostage every time a change needs to be made, nor will we promote our name anywhere on your site.

…after all, it’s your site!

We Actually Care

Why do we do what we do?

It’s in our blood

Both of our founders grew up in homes that owned and operated successful businesses and organizations that have positively impacted the Kansas City area. These businesses served the city and changed the way Kansas Citians care for our home. They grew up caring about small businesses just like yours and learning what makes a business like yours tick.

We love Kansas City

Our passion is helping small to mid-sized businesses succeed in the Kansas City area. Our goal is to create an accurate representation of your business online; one that you can be proud of. Business owners deserve a website that is both intuitive and visually appealing. The last thing we want is for local businesses to waste money on a site they can’t manage themselves.

With Distinct by Design, you’re not a client… you’re a neighbor.

Saving you money

Our for-business pricing strategy is untouchable by even the smallest of marketing firms, because our goal is to invest in Kansas City businesses as a whole. We want to end the cycle of small businesses overpaying marketing companies who under-deliver or misrepresent clients when “cutting them a deal.” With Distinct by Design you can have new branding and a beautiful website for less than what you pay for cable.

  • Quick Launch

    With our process, we always deliver your completed site one month after the initial agreement and launch it for you.

  • Website Backups

    We keep daily backups of your site, giving you the freedom to make changes that you want with confidence.

  • Get Found On Google

    Search Engine Optimization is built in from the beginning with every step of building your site. With time, web traffic, and our help, climbing the ranks is inevitable.

  • Free Email

    We setup 5 email accounts specific for your domain, such as, and offer the ability to add more and/or use them through gmail.

  • Online Store

    Need a store on your site? We can make that happen without changing our pricing structure one penny.

  • Donations

    If your company relies on donations, then your website should accept them. We help you make it easy to give online.

  • Logo Facelift

    Looking for an update to your logo or just a new design altogether? We will work with you and still offer our for-business pricing structure.

  • Domain Funneling

    Do you want, and to all go to the same place? We can make that happen.

  • Branding Implementation

    Want your logo on a coffee mug, t-shirt or pen? We can make that happen.


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